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According to your horoscope, It appears there is a lot of change coming into your life over the year, Sagittarius, and you get a chance to rework both how you present yourself to the world and what you present to the world. It pays to continue building your outer world with care and with diligence but you get to see far more visible clues for the energy you invest. Be ready to experience some dramatic change in how you communicate with those in your life and also…be ready to embrace dramatic change in close friendships and family relationships.

In the spring of you will have a brief jarring of the seeming stability that is the hallmark of this year and you will make a move to turn relationship losses into relationship gains.

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You are in the throes of overhauling your life and this will extend into your relationships. It will be to the design and hopes you want. What has been lost in recent years will be replaced, not by the same persons, but by those who mesh better with your independent and big-hearted generous nature. You will tend to focus inward to yourself, rather than outward toward career or jobs. You have grown in your career and work world in recent years and your increased productivity will be your reward.

You will tend to be dedicated to your work. You will notice sharp, accurate decision making capability in late winter and early spring and it might be time to make a slow expansion in work or business.

Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope Predictions by Marina @Darkstar

The energies are right for it. Even if increased workload comes your way, you have a sense of self-confidence about handling it. And handle it you will. Important contacts for the future will come your way in the first half of the year.

Sagitarius horoscope - love, money, career

What you were not good at in recent years, you learned, and this year it will pay off. In abundance, higher learning, travel, and philosophy are keywords that will be involved in how money comes to you or expands this year. It is however a time to be careful in investments, joint ventures with a bit of caution more than you usually activate in those matters.

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By late fall you can abandon the caution as your internal energies will attract the finances and security that may be missing. It will come to you in an unusual manner, briefly, but you will catch the hidden resource in the opportunity. Your health sees few challenges this year and if they do happen they will tend to be minor.

Saturn Transit 2020, 2021 and 2022 – Capricorn on 24th January 2020

As you enter and through the spring you will feel sapped of energy at times but will rebound as spring emerges. Growth after rest. You will have contact with health facilities, but it will tend to be work related or related to others, not to yourself. Do care for your wellness as has some challenges and you want to be ready to meet them.

Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope

There is some immediate learning and perhaps a trip or two that come in early in the year and strongly affect your future. The Capricorn personality will be blessed with good health by the Dame Fortune. You will, however, need to take care of yourself by making a balanced diet and exercising plus having adequate rest to boost your immune system. You begin your year with the planetary power mostly in the Eastern sector of your chart. Thus you are in a period of maximum personal independence.

Saturn Transit From Sagittarius to Capricorn on 24th January 2020

Time to focus on your interests and personal happiness. Basically, the month ahead is happy and prosperous, though two eclipses will complicate things a bit. Up to the 22nd January, take care of health in particular. Especially intellectually.

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Combine caring for your intellect with taking care of the body and take advantage of relaxing exercises. Yoga or other quiet exercises will be very important and will help a lot. Nothing very much that is inspiring and encouraging this month, in the stars so far as your health is concerned. As usual, in such a situation, you would have to rely heavily on your own efforts and intelligence.

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