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Prem Kumar Sharma. Will My Marriage Survive? Yantra — Astrological Relevance. Guruprasad Rege September 30, at am. Sanghamitra Mukherjee February 2, at am. Sanghamitra Mukherjee February 6, at am. Bharti August 4, at am. Prakash February 5, at pm. Kids4Fun February 5, at pm. Bibhu February 8, at am. The Emperor is a power card, showing that if you focus your intentions, you can move mountains.

Start boldly, then carry on, and the progress you can make will honestly astound you! A BIG week lies ahead, so make the most of every minute. People can be such dicks, and this week, your nerves are reaching their very last shred. The Five of Swords shows you in conflict with people around you conflict is Libran kryptonite, so this especially is hard for you to deal with. The key here is to let the negative feelings go. Some battles cannot be won—they just drag you down.

Identify if and where this is happening, and cut ties, yield, walk away, call a truce—whatever you need to do to move away from the drama. Know this: you are the water bearer, you can scoop it up into a vase and pour right back into the river that is life. You are protected and the past can no longer control you. Neither can your feelings. Cry for your past and then cry tears of joy for your future. Look at all you have accomplished, all you have become, look at the fact that you are still standing here today.

Your Weekly Tarot Reading

You did that! Your throat chakra is aligned and ready! Voice what matters to you - no matter how global the scale because for you, this is the most healing activity you can be a part of. Ace of Pentacles: Inspiration is afoot. The possibilities swell before you, enticing. There is a feeling of hope and abundance if you take opportunities as they present themselves, you never know who is knocking at the door, and it could be fate. Knight of Swords: when presented with opportunities, temper yourself from driving forward with no regard for what lies on the journey.

By only running full force towards the end goal, throwing yourself completely in the mix, you run the risk of losing things along the way. You miss obstacles and set backs, and with your eyes locked forward, you may miss the cautionary signs that would have you adjust slightly to succeed. You spent so much time and energy doing it one way, you forgot how many other ways you can accomplish your tasks.

Astrology News & Articles

You chose hammer, instead of choosing nail, a simple mistake of using your tools wrong can make you miss what you were waiting for. It better to plan and adapt if needed, than ignore, lose, and need to walk away. This may be a week of strife particularly when it comes to close relationships. You must confront and deal with the obstacle; to ignore it is to allow it to fester and destroy something. Remember that if you believe you two are close you will be able to weather this storm.

You just have to actually confront it instead of running away.

Quick Picks

Lovers, The Tower. The World, Two of Swords.

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Gemini is just coming out from this dark place that has been keeping them trap for awhile-be it thoughts about the future, their relationships, or a reflection- and are now free to direct their energy elsewhere. Six of Rods, Five of Rods. The Magician, Daughter of Pentacles. Take this week to reevaluate. Sometimes you need help and sometimes it is best to take it before you end up hurt. Your goal is attainable-it is just a matter of the way you go about it.

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Ten of Rods, Seven of Cups. Holding onto that negativity without dealing with it can lead to a point where you are not able to progress; and transformation is on the horizon. Your projects will be successful as long as you give them the proper attention. Daughter of Rods, Ace of Pentacles. The Moon, Six of Cups. Judgement, Daughter of Swords. You are a force to be reckon with, and you are capable of achieving your goals.

Strength, Eight of Pentacles. Son of Cups, Strength. This week is a time of balance and initiation: you have a plan, you have the energy, you are simply waiting for the right time. Father of Pentacles, Mother of Swords.

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This week is going to be a bit of a struggle; your actions are not going to quite capture what you think or what you want. Ten of Rods, Two of Swords. This is a time when you need to learn how to trust in yourself because you have the tools that you need to succeed right now. There will always be opportunities to learn and grow but right now you have enough knowledge to get started on your journey. Focus on the positive. Look at the sunny side of life! Be as positive as possible, like attracts like so, if you want positivity in your life, act that way yourself and it will come.

The Sun can also be advising to nurture your inner child, so take a playful and fun approach. Aries - For the past few weeks everyone has been on edge, including you. This weekend will be fun as Mercury and Jupiter connect in your zone of love, go get that flirt on! Taurus - This week will be relaxing for you. Everyone seems to be helpful and time with friends is recharging, instead of draining.

Rest up this weekend as Jupiter creates a sextile with Mercury to help you clear your mind and space. Gemini - Stress in personal or financial areas will be cleared up this week due to the opposition from the Sun and Pluto.


It will be easier to accept and move on than fight a losing battle. This weekend Venus will be in your sign, it would be a good time to meet new people. Cancer - Due to the final opposition of the Sun and Pluto it is time to embrace change.

Follow your instincts and think of the big picture.